The Enchanted Garden (Zoopera), Op. 121

/The Enchanted Garden (Zoopera), Op. 121
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Project Description

The Enchanted Garden (Zoopera)

Opus 121 – 1983

Commissioned by the Cleveland Zoological Society, “The Enchanted Garden (Zoopera)” is a musical fairy tale that depicts the interdependency of man and animal. It was composed for children but has broad appeal for all ages. The Zoopera was composed by Klaus Roy; written by Dr. Leonard Trawick, Cleveland State University English Professor and published poet; and staged by Cleveland Opera under the direction of David Bamberger.

The cast of characters includes a lion, seal, monkey, mountain goat, cockatoo and (of course) a beautiful princess. The princess in distress is aided by the animals who save the princess’ kingdom from destruction by a dragon. In the process, the animals and the princess learn to both accept and enjoy each other’s differences.

The Zoopera had its premiere at the Sohio Amphitheater at the Cleveland Zoo in September 1983.

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