Over the years, Klaus Roy annotated more than 200 albums for Columbia and its Epic label, as well as the Haydn Society, Urania, and the Time-Life record series. Here is a selection of those annotations (click on an album to see front and back covers), along with a link to the specific recording or (if the recording is no longer available) a similar one.

Kirschner Trio and Sonata Front
Mayes and Pearlman Front
Mayes and Pearlman Front
Moussorgsky Liadov Front
Mozart 131 and 319 Front
Mozart 261, 269, 364 Front
Mozart 385 Schubert 8 Front
Mozart Haydn Society Front
Mozart Masonic Music Front
Mozart Op 20 and 23 Front
Mozart OP 194 and 257 Front
Mozart Ops 275 and 317 Front
Mozart Ops 467 and 414 Front
Music for Young America Front
Neilsen OP 27 Front
Pop Concert Latin America Front
Rachmaninoff OP 18 Front
Read Dick Front
Schubert Mozart Front
Schubert OP 99 Front
Strauss Magic Vienna Front
Strauss OP 73 Front
Strauss Viennese Delights Front
Tchaikovsky and Bruch Front
Tchaikovsky Et Al Front
Tchaikovsky OP 23 Front
Tchaikovsky OP 36 Front
Tchaikovsky OP 64 Front
Tchaikovsky Romeo and Juliet Front
Wagner Multiple Selections Front